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According to Ziegeran “Technology has the power to transform the learning process in ways that reimagine learning and bring about systems change.” My main focus for the 2016-2017 school year is to eliminate most and possibly all of my paper consumption in the math classes I teach. I am challenging myself to utilize Microsoft One Note for my two math classes.

Microsoft OneNote helps with organization, curriculum delivery, interactive lessons, and class collaboration. In order to be successful with this new change, it requires preparation and good organization skills. I want to use OneNote as a daily station in my classroom that pairs with an interactive lesson. My second station will always be a teacher station where I will be using either manipulatives or OneNote and my third station will continue to be Dreambox.

Switching to Microsoft OneNote comes with pros and cons. I hope to be able to work out any problems as time progresses.


#1 Making sure that I have content in my notebook/library at all times;

#2 Ensuring creativity on my part and the ability for students to be creative;

#3 Having working technology all the time;

#4 Having good quality styli;

#5 The fortitude to persevere when I feel like this is too much and paper seems so easy to grab and copy.

Pros: Microsoft OneNote in the classroom and similar programs are the future of our ever changing classrooms. While pencil and paper has its benefits, we are moving to a more technologically advanced society in which the skills they learn in my classroom will better prepare them for the future. My students will still have opportunities to pick up a trusty pencil but will spend the majority of their time picking up their trusty stylus!

If you want to hear from teachers who are already using OneNote, I have attached the video below. I plan to update how OneNote plays out for me in the classroom as time goes on.

OneNote for Educators

Are you using OneNote or a similar program in your classroom? Would you like to join me in going green this year? I would love feedback on this topic.